[Our Services]

[Check out our other programs and services to see what we do for the community.]

[Connecting Children With Homes]

[We take children who have been abandoned, are homeless, or have been evicted from their homes and connect them with foster homes.]

[Foreign Aid]

[We donate food, volunteers, and resources to help children in other countries who don’t have access to food, water, or shelter.]

[Clean Water]

[We donate water to those in need who otherwise wouldn’t have access to any water.]

[Low Income Housing Construction]

[We help build houses for low-income individuals who can’t afford to pay rent.]

[Helping Children All Over the World]

[We donate food, money, and other resources to other countries to help children all over the world. Our volunteers can sign up to work in other countries to help build homes, distribute food/water, and much more.]

[We’ve Raised Over $400,000]

[So far all of our causes have raised $400,000. Donate today so we can reach our goal of $750,000.]

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[How You Can Get Involved]

[Call (313) 692-3562 to Donate Or Contact Us to get Involved]

[Volunteer Program]

[Volunteers spend time reading with the kids and host food drives.]

[Sponsor Program]

[Someone who is sponsored will receive food, essential items, and donations every month.]

[Start a Foundation]

[Help feed and take care of hungry children by donating today!]

[Established Foundations]

[Check out some of the causes that are going on right now]

[English Class]

[Help support us on our journey to teach kids English as their 2nd language.]

[$12,134 Donated]

[Community Garden]

[Help us support the community by planting a garden that everyone is allowed to use.]


$445 Donated